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Jun 1, 2011
I am looking for a reputable breeder for show quality Americaunas (large fowl, not bantams). I would like to acquire peeps or eggs in the spring of 2012 for my son and nephew to raise as 4H projects. After that they will be loved members of our small flocks. Both me and my brother have very small backyard flocks and do not have the room for the 25 new chickens most breeders require as a minimum purchase. That being said I would probably have to drive to get them in order to insure that they are treated carefully.

Whittmore Farm is less than 2 hours away but they only have black and Blue. The only Americauna's at the local fair were black & blue. I was hoping for different color maybe a Blue Wheaten or Brown Red or Buff if I can get it.

Any input would be very helpful

Thanks again for any help

in the spring or in winter ill be able to ship out some fertile eggs and there fertile(2 roosters to 5 hens)but right now i cant i have to put as many as i can in the bator so i can pm you when i have eggs if someone doesent give you them erlier.
What color Ameraucana's are you specifically looking for? You could go to the Ameraucana breeders page and there is a link for breeders. It also states if they sell hatching eggs, what colors, and other info too. I'd recommend Jean Ribbeck (pipsandpeeps) as a source to get eggs from if you want to start from eggs. She's located in Washington. I got eggs from her earlier this year and also purchased eggs from her in the past. I believe she has at least 4 or 5 different colors to choose from. If you want to do your own hatching I've always had a good hatch rate w/ her eggs. If you want to get chicks you could always try John Blehm. He is a breeder too. But I think he always sells out on his day olds, not sure. Check out the breeder page if you want to find someone local or close to you. Here is there website Hopefully this helps.
Hey Kelly, thanks so much for recommending this site, LOVE IT! Hopefully will see you tomorrow :), missed you over the weekend. P.S. Funny, stumbled upon your post but recognized "Steelers" immediately!
hi Kenny the breeders recommed are great ...if they dont have what you want i will have some blue wheatens...note that some of the chicks will be blue and some wheaton...i can ship eggs in the fall or early spring if you [email protected] good luck i love the wheatons...btw my parent stock are from the genetic s of paul smith...
Hi guys i am looking for large wheaten rooster 1st , and blue wheaten rooster together if not to expensive to ship,young birds at the end of the year,can anyone help

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