Show Quality Bantam Polish Hatching Eggs- Frizzle and Smooth (wc blue, wc black, wc chocolate, wc cu


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I have up for sale 12 Show Quality Bantam Polish Hatching eggs. The parents of these eggs are proven winners at shows with many 1st places, BV and BB's. Many times on champion row (three times Champion AOCCL and once Best of Show 2011-2012 show season). I have checked fertility and everything is perfect. I have four pens I am offerning eggs from in this auction. No pens have frizzle to frizzle. Birds are frizzle to smooth.

Due to other orders I can start collecting eggs 6/18/12. It takes about 5-6 days to collect.

Eggs are $69.00 a doz (plus extras if available) plus $14.00 to ship ($83.00 total). Send a personal message with your email address and I will send you a paypal invoice.

Colors are as follows: wc black, wc blue, wc cuckoo (I get many of this color in my own hatches), wc chocolate, wc khaki (not likely)
I have many more pictures (70+ pictures of my Polish) on my Facebook farm page:

I will make sure I pack your eggs with care. Each egg is wrapped with bubble wrap and the box is double boxed and I use packing peanuts. I package with extreme care. Usually the eggs make it with intact air cells. I have not had any broken eggs in shipment yet. I can not control how your package is treated by USPS workers. Shipping will be $14.00 for Priority shipping with delivery conformation. I can only ship to the USA. Buying hatching eggs that are shipped is a gamble so I can not guarantee hatch rates. YOUR EGGS ARE NOT GUARENTEED TO HATCH. I will try and send more than 12 if my girls allow it but the auction will be for at least 12. (I usually send 16 but this listing is for 12) Let me know if you have any questions! I will answer you right away!
This is how I pack eggs: This guy was hatched in January 2012 Hatched February 2012 Chick picture: Hatched 2011 Chicks have massive crests
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