Showgirl silkie genes help me please!


10 Years
Jun 10, 2009
I have hatched out some chicks and one of them has a showgirl naked neck. Now, I looked it up and many say that it is a dominant gene. SO does this mean that if they carry the showgirl gene they will be born with it and if they don't have it they will look like a regular silkie and will not produce a showgirl at any time? Thanks so much.
It's not a showgirl gene, but rather a naked neck gene.

If crossed to a silkie, they will have less of a naked neck, and some have fully feathered necks.

I believe it is 50/50. 50% will have naked necks with bowties, and 50% will be fully feathered silkies.
Is that for all of them? The ones that don't have a naked neck themselves? If they do not show a naked neck could they still have the gene but just not a visible gene?

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