Showgirls...never even knew!

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    May 26, 2011
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    Went to a flea market this weekend and learned something new! I'm pretty new to chickens anyways, but there were little Turkens with crests and feathered feet so I figured they were a mix of Silkies(he had Silkies right next to them) and Turkens. Woohoo! I was right![​IMG] After talking with the guy I learned they are called Showgirls! My 5 year old wants a Turken, personally, I think they are ugly(sorry)[​IMG], but these Showgirls were definitly a conversation starter! I refrained from getting any chickies, but after seeing the pretty Blue Silkies he had, my hubby says the next time we order, we have to get some of those! They were so cute and cuddly looking! I wasn't planning on getting any chickens that are "just for pretties", but this new chicken addiction is constantly changing my plans![​IMG]

    He said that they don't all hatch out the same and his had feathers and not the fuzzies like Silkies, what is the "standard" look a Showgirl is supposed to have? Are they just for hobbiests or can they be shown??

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    They are supposed to be identical to silkies,except for the naked neck.Dark skin,5 toes,mulberry comb blueish earlobes,tons of fuzz.The only reason for the turkens use was the NN gene addition to the silkie.But like everything project you have to work toward perfection.
    Works in progress....
    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]

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