Showing breed traits?


10 Years
Sep 18, 2010
Pine Valley (New Waverly), TX
My gals are just 4 days old, but I'm starting to see differences by group. The BO's seem to be the most dominant - do the most pecking, disturbing the sleep order and will perch on the highest spot on their stick roost. The Wyandottes are the most active and the most alert, almost skittish. The EE's all seem to be pretty laid back. They don't get upset about being walked on, pushed over for feed, having to share feed or even being picked up. The Brahma's? All I can really tell with them is they seem to like to sleep the most - usually with one leg stretched way out to the side.

My marked little roo is an EE. He's not the most observant tho. It's one of the Wyandottes that goes on alert when I walk up to the brooder and cries the alarm. It's got me wondering if the marked roo is actually a hen and the Wyandotte is actually a roo.

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