showing Broilers at state fair

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    May 27, 2008
    We are thinking about show meat chickens at the Ohio state fair show. The weight maximum is seven lbs each bird to make a pen of three. The must be cockerels. In shows they look for deep yellow feet and skin so they will be eating Purina show chow, that’s 22% protein. How old would I want them at show time? We have be showing meat birds at our county fair for three years but, there is no weight rules and our birds are up to ten lbs at six weeks.(turkey starter and lights on all the time)

    Also is one hatchery better then others? I found this hatchery with a “super roaster”
    The grand at the Indiana state fair last year came from McMurray.

    Also will a seven lb Jumbo Cornish X Rock have more breast meat then a seven lb Cornish rock x?

    We are not hoping to win or anything but, do not want to go home with last!

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