Showing off my new Ducks


6 Years
Apr 21, 2013

From left to right, Piney, Juice, Happy, & Opie

This is a close up of Juice, but I'm not sure what breed of duck he is. Could someone please help me with this?
I am not really good at this but might be Welsh Harlequin. Could even be a Buff.

But oh, they are so cute!

I would say Welsh Harlequin too, that is pretty much exactly what my Soleil looked like as a day old.
And from what I have read, if Juice is a Welsh, it's a boy because females start out with light beaks that get darker and boys have dark beaks that fade.

Edit: Oh, you said boy. NM! :)
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Thanks for all your help. We've had Opie, Happy, and Juice for week now, and yesterday my wife picked up Piney when she was at a farm supply store. I'll try to post some more pictures in a few weeks when they get a little bigger.
and keep posting pics as they grow!

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