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    Nov 2, 2008
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    Hi everyone, I enrolled for showmanship when I entered my birds at the state fair... and I know nothing about it, the shows tomorrow and after days of searching, nothing of value on the internet?

    Any tips, How to hold your bird? , posture? , what to do if a judge comes around and wants to see your bird and such?

    Pretty much, I need to know everything. [​IMG]
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    WHOO HOO! You are talking to one of the top three showmen of my age in OREGON! Alright, lets get down to business.
    Holding the bird: Some judges make you do it the whole time, others let you put it down. Just in case, show a bantam. [​IMG] You hold your chicken with whichever hand you prefer under the belly. middle and ring finger supporting the chicken and other fingers on the other sides of the legs/holding the tips of the wings in case the bird is flighty. If you put your bird down, pose it according to breed (essentially, show off what is special in your breed. For instance, I show Cochin Frizzles, so I try and make the back look as short as possible) Always make sure your bird is standing, facing the direction the judge specifies(or if the judge doesn't specify, show off your bird's best side). Don't pet your bird, you are allowed to repose if needed. If your bird flies off the table you will be disqualified. Always face the judge.
    The first thing that the judge will do is ask you to tell them about your bird. You should say: Class, Breed, Variety, Sex (and age). Weight is optional. Give information about the breed, what's special about it. Maybe why you picked that breed?
    Next will be the health check. You start by examining the birds head, then measure the width of the back by putting a finger just inside of each wing and show that distance to the judge(you are holding your bird during this), then display each wing and flap it a couple times after looking underneath. Next check the under color of the saddle feathers, just pry them back a bit. Next check the vent, then see how many fingers you can fit between the pubic bones. Show this to the judge. How many fingers between the keel bone and the pubic bones? also show to judge. Flip your bird upside down, with their back to your stomach, and show them how long the keel bone is. Flip your bird back over, and examine the feet.
    They will then go to other questions, like:
    What are 3 other varieties your breed comes in?
    What are 3 other breeds in your class?
    What is the only breed with a strawberry comb (malay, in case you were wondering)
    How do you store and handle eggs for incubating?(check the incubating eggs section for this one)
    What are caruncles?(bumpy things on the face of a muscovy)
    What's the heaviest breed of duck?(rouen) Goose?(toulouse)
    How many breeds of turkey are there?(1)
    How many varieties of turkey are there? (8)
    What's the heaviest breed of turkey?(bronze and white holland are tied at 36 pounds for a mature tom)
    What type of poultry has a knob?(geese)
    What are the three general disqualifications( illness, lacking, faking)
    And stuff like that. The judge will start narrowing down, only asking 2 or 3 people instead of everybody.
    Check youtube! It's very helpful...Also make sure your bird is healthy and mite-free. And bathed. Also, questions are different depending on your age group. If you can, show under novice. That's the one where they ask you what a baby duck is called. [​IMG]
    Good luck, and feel free to pm me!

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