Shredded Feathers? Please help!!!

little farmer

7 Years
May 1, 2012
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I have a New Hampshire Red who is about a little older than a year and a half years old. I was stroking her this morning and realized the feathers on her wings looked a little shredded. But, it's just a tiny patch. It's not painful or anything for her, but then l realized she never went through a molt. Is that possible for a chicken not to go through a molt?? I was going to show her later this Spring, but I wanted those feathers to look nice. Any suggestions? I'll have some pics later.
I've had quite a lot of hens, mostly X breeds, over the past few years and a few of them never showed any sign of molting. The "shredded" look of her feathers may be caused by mites. Have you dusted her?
It's not food. You sprinkle it in your coop and run and on your chickens. It repels insects and mites.
You should be able to get it a your local feed store/TC/garden centre/hardware store/farming supply store. If she has mites (it's a possibility) the others will get/have it too. Dust the hens and the entire coop and run.
HI, sorry for the late reply, having internet access issues. What I do is put some powder in a biggish plastic bag, put the chicken in the bag and give it a shake. The chicken will not thank you, but it covers them well.

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