"Shrink wrap" vs. "Sticky chick"?

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    Mar 18, 2011
    hi laree hi rebel hi debiray i just had a "problem" these morning with "shring wrap" I had a pip 24 hours later he has not make much of a progress well he did had a hole and I could see his beck and his whole head had broken the white membrane i could see him moving his head and pepping the humidity was "60" i dint calibrate the hidrometer so no sure if its right so as i decided to hel him i toke him out of the incubator and started to peel off the white membrane it was not wrapped on the baby but it was litle dry the inner clear"membrane" was not dry at all it was just slamybut verry easy to get it off the baby so the question its was he doing a good job at hatching his self and i just panic and help him out or was he really shring wrapped or stucked sticky? im confuced its my first time hatching the babys i helped hatch are doing great now also since i opened the incubator and the humidity went down to "45%" for about 5 minuts what could i have done to the eggs that had not even pip? did i harm them? are they still ok? i have not had a pip for over 24 hours already could i have couse "shring wrapped " even with no pip when the humidity dropped?
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    Weather he would have hatched on his own is hard to say but after 24 hours I would have probably did the same thing. If you had no other pips then the humidity drop would not hurt anything.
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    Mar 18, 2011
    Quote:than you rebel once i finish pelling off the babys i did the fload test and all seemed to be Viable but its been 15 hours since i did that and ni pips at all so far also im about to entering day 21 in an hour those i helped piped on early day 19.
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    Are these chicks shrink wrapping under normal level temps 99.5 or can this also happen with temp spikes ? as the temp rises it burns off more moisture faster?
    Or is Humidity the only thing to blame?
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    Thanks Laree
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    Quote:Thank you Chestnut for asking such direct and clear questions.
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    Quote:Not sure if extra heat would do it... Its a low humidity or high ventilation issue.
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    Mar 3, 2011
    this is an awesome thread. very informative. i had problems last hatch with what i thought at the time was shrink wrap. i now see that it was sticky wrap. i'm keeping my humidity lower this time during incubation and am hoping for better results. most of my sticky babies did well tho. still have one that is kinda bald as he is starting to feather in. thanks again for getting this info out there.
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    Okay, I'm on the East Coast, and you guys did a lot of figuring after I went to bed!

    I'm going to summarize what I think everyone said, and if you would, please correct me and fill in the blanks.
    Was this the consensus?

    Shrink wrapped: both inner and out membranes dry tight around the chick before pip; caused by too little humidity either throughout incubation or during lockdown

    Sticky chick: after pipping, the liquids dry becoming glue-like followed by concrete-like; caused by too little humidity during lockdown

    Wet sticky or Swollen: the chick is swollen with water or simply very wet and sticky; caused by too high humidity during incubation

    Drowning: the whitish outer membrane is dry while the clearish inner membrane is wet, binding the chick; caused by ???

    Thank you! You guys are awesome! [​IMG]
  10. rebelcowboysnb

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    Drowning is just that. So much moisture still the egg that the chick can not get air an sucks in water.

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