Shrink wrapped babies HELP!


5 Years
Mar 18, 2014
Southwest Missouri
We had a power outage due to storm about half way through incubation period. We got the generator going as quick as we could but the temp and humidity in incubator went all wonky. Ever since just couldn't get back to the perfect temp and humidity I had it at.

As a result I've had 3 chicks already hatch nearly shrink wrapped and had to assist minimally.

But I've got this one who's at 22 days now that I know still alive (did water test and was wobbling all over the place....very active and I hear very light chirps. Attached is pic of my concern, it looks like part the inner membrain around the chick has pulled away from the outwe member more than just the airsac area.
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Should I help the little baby hatch, I think may have internally pipped....not really sure hard to tell with this egg. Definitely no external pip yet.


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They don't really shrink wrap until they externally pip. I have one on day twenty two that's still alive, no internal pip, but veins are still large when candled. I just figure it was slower to develop and giving it time. You can make a little air hole with a pin if you're really worried, but I tend not to help unless there's an external pip. In my experience, helped chicks just don't do as well as chicks that hatch on their own.

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