Shrink wrapped!

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    Feb 15, 2012
    New Hampshire
    I just helped a shrink wrapped chick out of the shell...first for me! The egg was right under the fan and it just dried out. Chick now seems sticky? Maybe a film still left in places? She's having trouble getting off her back. I don't want to open the bator again if I don't have too...I still have a few left to hatch. What should I do? Will she dry off OK? Should I pull her out and wet her down?
  2. Suzie

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    Jul 9, 2009
    I have had two that were shrink wrapped, one a duckling and another a gosling - I helped each of them and they were horribly stick and both had problems in straightening their neck and the gunk was drying then into an awkward position, I treated them both by soaking in warm water and dring them with a hairdryer on a low setting - both survived and live to tell the tale, sadly the sticky stuff in my opinion will not come off naturally.

    This is Freddie the gosling after a bath and hobbles as it had splay leg too!

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