sicilian buttercups information


12 Years
Jan 26, 2007
From time to time I have commented on post concerning this breed. I have contacted someone I use to correspond with when I raised these birds. My main comment has always been about egg size. Hatchery birds lay very small eggs, while the breed was originally bred to be a good egg producer as well as a meat bird (duel purpose).

Here are 3 breeders that raise birds to the above standard.
Jana Buttercup Club <[email protected]>.
"I can tell you that my birds lay a largish white egg and are prolific egg layers!! "

This person may not still be there, but I personally purchases hatching eggs and live birds from him, they were excellent, best SB I have ever seen.

Bob Berkemeir, 10764 East Road, Pavilian, NY 14525. (585) 343-4684. Email: (at leeast the last one I have, which is from an older breeder's directory): [email protected]

Carl Fosbrink in Seymour, IN,

I have no idea what they would charge for their birds.

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