Sick And Traumatized Hen, Help Appreciated.


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Nov 3, 2020
The Emerald Isle
My Coop
My Coop
Today, I found my favourite hen dead in the coop.

And as if that was not enough, my (now only) layer has a crop problem.
It appears to be sour crop as it feel doughy and she sometimes hisses.

I really though she was dying too at first. she lay on the ground trembling with her eye closed. But, having lain next to my special hen bas she died of prolapse in the middle of the night, it makes sense she'd be a little traumatised.
She's walking now, clucking and less stiff. but What can I do to ensure her recovery? I've never had crop problems AND trauma at the same time before.

Thanks a lot. I'm just feeling so sad today. Not a great start to the Christmas season.
She's walking around but there a definite sour smell. I'm going to syringe some olive oil and massage it gently some more, good plan?
I'd really appreciate a little advice/support here. Sour crop has not been a common thing for me in the past.
I have NO idea why I'm still updating this thread, but I gave her olive oil and a massage. gurgling, but no discharge.
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If she has sour crop, isolate her and remove all food. Give her some water with chopped garlic in it and see if she’ll drink. Sour crop is a yeast infection that happens when the crop has been impacted for some time and the food has piled up and fermented. The first step is to remove food so she can’t make the problem worse. At this point, I would not recommend massaging the crop; she could aspirate. I will attach a video that helps with sour crop naturally.... otherwise I believe you can buy a vaginal yeast cream that you can syringe into her crop. Sour crop is all about rebalancing the good and bad bacteria -‘so through this process absolutely no carbs whatsoever - not even bread soaked in olive oil.
I have the same problem now. Give her a warm bath and massage her crop while you are at it. Use a syringe and give her warm water with a few teaspoons of olive oil use the syringe to give your hen the water and olive oil keep massaging her crop it should be fine afterward.

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