Sick Buff Pullet - 7 weeks old


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A friend bought 4 pullets that are 7 weeks old now, and one of the buffs is acting different. LuLu has always been the first to do everything. She likes to perch as high as possible and has always been generally healthy.

Today she went to feed them, and LuLu was sitting all puffed up. She wouldn't eat or drink. She let them run around the yard, and LuLu did that and even grazed a little on the chick weed. But she had to dip her beak into the water to get her to drink, and she won't touch the feed. Right now LuLu is sleeping in my friends lap with her head tucked under her wing. She looks like a little ball all puffed up. Any ideas what could possibly be wrong? Her vent is clean. She doesn't have any nasal discharge or anything like that. She pooped and it looked normal except there was lots of water around the poo.


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Coccidia often affects young chickens, especially in humid climates. It causes loss of weight, listlessness, fluffed, dull appearance etc.. you will not always see blood in poo as blood is in the final stages of damage. I dose mine with Corid, which Tractor Supply Company has. 1 teas per gallon. If I have one very sick I will give a drop in the mouth also, but only with corid. Sulmet is another option given in water.


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Hi! I am new to this and my husband brought me home a RIR Pullet who is acting just as LuLu did but perked up almost immediately when she got settled in an isolation cage (large and comfy) as she was being bullied at the chicken farm where she was born. She also has no discharge or anything. She is a bit sleepy and slept with her head under her wing last night.

The rest of the chickens from where she came are in great shape. They are a USDA approved egg seller, etc. The place is immaculate. You can't even SMELL chickens! But, I am worried about this little girl, who I have named Susie. She is 4 weeks old.
Do you have any advice? She is eating a lot and drinking very well, btw.

UPDATE: She died. She was doing so well and then I found her with her neck bent back. It was horrible.
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