Sick Chick, please help!!! urgent!

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  1. cindy leigh

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    Jun 24, 2009
    My australorp was acting funny, i went to bring them in for the night nd normally every singl chicken runs in to see me and get fed, every one ran in tonight except the australorp. She just stood out there not moving at all even when i called. I picked her up and brought her in, once i set her down she stll did not move and looked like she was going to lay and egg but jst couldnt get to th box. I picked her up and set her in the box, but she didnt really like that and got back down on the floor. but when i picked her up i checked er bottom to see if she was laing and egg because i saw her bottom contracting as if she were to lay and egg.

    What i saw was almost as if she was pushing out some of her internal organs! i got scared and went to get my parents and when we got back out there she was stll standing still and not really going after the scracth but she was moving more and i couldnt see the stuff i saw before but she still seemed alittle weird
    we brought her in for the night but if you have any clues please help!
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    I haven't had this happen, but from your description, maybe she was starting to prolapse. Not quite sure, but that would be my suggestion. Maybe do a search on that and see if that sounds like what was happening to her.

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