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    One of my most fiesty faverolles started acting weird last night. She's very sleepy. A sibling would step on her and she'd barely move. She'd get up, walk a bit, stretch her neck out, and fal asleep on her feet. She's been sleeping most the morning. I've moved her into a small box with a heat lamp, food, and water. She's eaten and drank a little in there, but now she's back to sleep. Do you think she's sick or just having a sleepy day? Her 17 other siblings are doing really well!

    Thanks, Sonja
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    How old is she? Someone may have more info for you, but I had several that would suddenly start acting sleepy during the first week. I did what you did - and most of them seemed to just need a good, long sleep. They woke up full of energy, and I even had a couple that would jump out of the box when they were rested. Make sure she's drinking - I fed mine water with a straw/medicine dropper while in the box, just to make sure.
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    She's a week old now. She just doesn't seem well. Luckilt, the other chicks in the brooder are all fine.

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    All right, my little Henny Penny will eat a little, her poo looks normal, I'm making sure she drinks, and every once in a while wakes up enough to stratch around her quarantine box. She's just sleeping so darn much. She falls asleep everywhere. She also does this weird thing where she stretches out her neck gets really wobbly, her neck wobbles, and her wings go limp. Is she just dozing off or is there somethig wrong? Sometimes it looks like she'll perk up and then it's back to sleep.


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