sick chick, very small, toe problem

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10 Years
Sep 10, 2009
have a sick 2 1/2 week old columbian wyndotte. she was the runt to start with, but now she is half the size of the others. she has crud growing on one of her toes (couldn't get a good pic). i thought it was poo, but it won't wash off. she is also curling that leg up under her when i pick her up, but she will use it. she does not lay down and sleeps standing up. she also wheezes, actually a little click with each exhale. we have her isolated and have supplied vitamins in the water, medicated starter feed. she does eat and poop, but not very active. poo firm. i use puppy wee wee pads on the floor of brooder. all eleven other chicks (ee and wyndotte) are ok knock wood.
This sounds like some kind of disease. I'd keep her isolated and be careful of vector transmission (germs from her). Hopefully she was born with just a bad foot and has some allergy-type symptoms for some reason. Honestly, I'd cull her if you can. You just can't be too careful and she will only get smaller if she survives, finally dying. BUT, lots of us can't cull a chick, so that is understandable, you can just keep her comfortable. It sounds like you are doing everything right to me. Good luck, HenZ
Disease and/or birth defect. So sorry, but I agree, I would cull. Chances are she will never be healthy.

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