SICK CHICK! What do I do?


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I have 5, just over a month old chicks, and one of them has had a runny eye. I've been keeping it clean, and putting an opthalmic antibiotic ointment on it, but now the chick is having trouble breathing. I'm thinking it's some kind of respiratory illness, but I'm new to the chicken world, and I'm not sure what to do. The chick is acting normal otherwise, eating and drinking well, and good energy. None of the other chicks are showing any symptoms, but should they be separated? Please give me any advice on how to treat this baby. Kristina.

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I would if I was you separate the chick from the other in case it does have something. Put a heat lamp in with it and if you want a clean soft feather dust so the chick will think its with others. Not sure what else to do,hopefully someone can help you. Goodluck with your lil one.


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When you say it is having trouble breathing do you mean, that it is gasping or panting? If he is gasping then yes it is a breathing issue, if he is panting it could be that he/she is hot. Do you have heat lamp in there with them? If so what temp is it in the brooder?

I would seperate him/her for sure. I would also start him/her on a antibotic and vitamins/electrolyte's. You can get both of these at Tractor supply and/or you local feed and seed.

Make sure he/she stay's warm, but not hot. and that he/she has a cooler side to go to when he/she does get hot. It also wouldn't be a bad idea to start the other's on antibotic's since they have been exposed already. GOODLUCK!!
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Hi Neener.

It sounds to me like your chicken is haveing a type of respitory infection. My whole flock has been going through that since Hurricane Ike hit about a month ago, I am in Houston, TX.
I was told by my feedstore/angels to start antibiotics for three days and then bleach for three days. I know that sounds extreme, but apparently the bleach ( only 1 tsp/ gallon h2o) acts like a antibiotic and kills of the potential bacteria your brids might have. And then once these 6 days were up repeat if necessary until all signs of ailment were gone. My chicks are now doing much better, a few are still sneezing but the eyes are back to normal, and no more gasping or wheezing.
Good luck, I am sure you can take care of it pretty easy.

The anitiotic I was told to use is Terramyicin, again 1 tsp/gallon h2o.

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