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Discussion in 'Raising Baby Chicks' started by Rmills29, Mar 2, 2016.

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    Mar 1, 2016
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    Monday we brought home 3 chicks, 2 auracanas and 1 buff orpington. Day one was fine they got settled in and acted normal, Day two we started to notice that one of our auracana was acting really lethargic,(taking two steps and falling asleep). she had a little poop stuck to her butt so I got a warm wash cloth and wiped it and when my husband got home he put her in a warm soak we got it off but she's still acting like she is on the edge of death, it breaks my heart we have not lost a chick yet and Im not giving up on her. I need help.
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    Mar 28, 2013
    Try some sugar water to perk the chick up a bit or some prebiotics like a natural youghurt mixed with some soft food also separate it from the others in case they are the problem nd if it doesn't like being alone pop in a small mirror or teddy, some chicks just don't thrive so try not to feel to bad if anything happens [​IMG] nd if poop keeps sticking to its bum CAREFULLY clip the fluff from the area or put a little bit of olive oil on its bum to keep the the poop frm sticking and blocking the chick up good luck!!

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