Sick chick


Jun 5, 2020
I have a chick that is about 2 months old. When she hatched, she was unstable and I didn't think she was going to make it. I nurtured her and kept her alive. She still stumbles and almost falls over at times. She's also blind in one eye and smaller than the other chick that hatched the same day. Lily has had diarrhea for several days. Its constant. One side of her head is a bit swollen and her breast is bare. She has mostly lost all her baby fuzz and grown in feathers. Her breast and belly are bare and the feathers on her neck dont seem to be filling in like her roo omlet. I know something is wrong but no idea what. The vet is not an option at this point. Is there a all around treatment? I know about corid. Can I give her that and antibiotics together? My roo isn't showing any symptoms, should I treat him as well? Thank you all so much. I did a lot of forum reading before my chicks were born and learned a lot. I even got my brooder box idea from here.


May 23, 2020
Hi! I’m new here. I just have four week old chicks and this is my first ever backyard flock. I saw your post and it really hurt me for you that no one responded to your post at all with any help. I may not be the best help but I know a little bit. Just because it’s my first time to own chickens doesn’t mean I don’t know anything about animals. I have known a great deal about those and people health for a while now. Made it my life’s work. Is your chick eating and drinking good up until this point? Do you have her separated from your main flock except for the little rooster that is her age or is she with a broody hen? If you don’t have her on medicated feed it might be a good idea to try her own some if she is with the main flock and to be sure to separate her and their bedding and clean it all out. They might all have to be treated for coccidiosis. If you are familiar with this I won’t go into it. Just let me know. She and your little too would definitely benefit from the food and the separation and then change out the bedding for them at least. That should get you started. You might try her on some boiled egg to ensure she is getting enough protein also along with her feed. Just to keep her protein levels up. Nothing raw though. I can give you more ideas. I just don’t want to list a lot of information if you are advanced beyond me and already know well beyond what is necessary. Good luck with her. Does she see and get around well enough to fly some? I hope she is not picked on by any other of your flock.
Take care!


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Dec 4, 2018
Lakeside, Oregon
According to my clock, her post has only been up for 45 minutes, and it's nearly 1 am here. People are probably asleep. I was going to bed myself but just checked the list one more time. In the morning, I'm betting that more folks will be awake to help out.

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