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Apr 18, 2013
DH and I picked up 20 straight run chicks from TSC lastnight. One of them is sick and if there is such a thing as a runt in the chick world, this is definitely it. Poor guy is super small compared to his chick friends. The other chicks just kind of run over him and when I picked him up lastnight he just kind of flopped over on his back and laid there legs outstretched eyes closed but still breathing. I set him back on his feet and later that night he was running around. Now when I went to check on them he was laying on his side, looked dead but was still breathing. The other chicks were running on top of him. I sat him up again, he walked around and remained upright. Is there anything I can do to help him? My first instinct is to separate him but the only other place I could put him is the duck brooder with my 2 ducks which are around the same age. On the other hand I don't want them sick too. The husband is gone, I've never raised chicks before (only ducks) and I know if I call him I'll just get the inevitable "can't save em all" lecture. Any advice?
get him outof that cage as sone as possible it will help the poor guy it coulds be a smaller tipe of chick
Ok I put him with my ducks. If he is sick is there any sort of disease he can pass to them?
Would it be harmful to feed a starter formulated for turkeys, quail ,pheasants and chukars to baby chickens? The man at the feed store said it would be ok, so that's what my husband brought home. I would like an experienced opinion however. Thanks
i have not been doing chicks long eanof to anser that sorry if you are worried you can take it back and get a diffrent one if it was a guy at tractor supply they dont always no what they are talking about they just want your money
He's probably about 3 days old or so. Absolutely no feathers, all fluff. I moved him into the duck brooder to rest and brought the ducks out to the couch (one of my ducklings can be a pain so I didn't want it bugging the chick. He's sleeping now but at least he's upright.
thaqt is a very good thing do you have a plastic bin or somthing to keep the chick in for a while while he heals

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