Sick Chick


5 Years
Feb 22, 2014
Coffee Co. Tennessee
I have a 3 week old chick that got out of the brooder and trapped herself in another box. (they just figured out that they can use the roost to "fly" to the top edge and jump out). I found her (im guessing) a day later. Unless I somehow miscounted my chicks but I always count them twice so I doubt it. Anyway, she is now about half the size of the other 3 week olds. The fisrt thing I did was gave her electrolytes every 15-20 mins and that seemed to perk her up alot. I put her back in the brooder with the others and made sure she was still accepted (she is, they cuddle up with her all the time, still let her eat and drink, and don't peck at her). I kept electrolytes in the brooder until she was acting, eating, drinking and pooping normally. But now she is acting very strange. She still eats drinks and poops normally but she doesnt walk around much, very lethargic. She doesnt flap around or run like the others. Does she just need more time to get to normal or is there something I can do to help her. I feel so bad about what happened and I'm afraid she wont make it. This is my first time with chicks so I didnt know that they could be such escape artists and do a bit of flying so early.
Any advise would be awesome!

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