1. chkenwhisperer

    chkenwhisperer Hatching

    Mar 4, 2015
    I have a 2 week old sick black copper maran, she got seriously soaked when she was only 2 days old I found her lying upside down in her waterer. I rescued her and dried her out and fixed the waterer so It couldn't happen again. She was fine for a while, and now Ive noticed her being super lethargic, she stands or sits in one spot, barely eats, drinks ok... and looks like she just wants to sleep all the time. I gave her some honey water, and colloidal silver deleted into the honey water but it hasn't seemed to help yet (it has been almost two days). she is isolated and has her own water with acv in it, and plenty of food. Should I soften her food? Should I get antibiotics and if so how much should I give her? Lastly should I continue with the colloidal silver and honey water? She is so small and isn't growing on pace with her sisters at all. Plus she clicks when she breaths, I fear she has a cold. Please help.

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