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May 9, 2015
A week ago we bought 15 chicks(3 of them are bantam) and 4 ducks from TSC(We /think/ all the chicks are a couple weeks old). Everything was going well until I noticed one of the bantam chicks acting strange, he would just sit there with his eyes closed and chirp for a very long time. I watched him for a while and he never really moved from his spot(When he actually did move his movements were slow). I kept a close eye on him and noticed he wasn't really eating or drinking like the other chicks were. He just stands/sits there with his eyes closed and does nothing but chirp??
Pasty vents? Are they on medicated feed? Do the poops look really dark or bloody? Pasty vents are easy to deal with, but left alone will kill a chick. Just gently clean the chick's vent and get all the poo out that you can. Medicated feed will reduce the risk for coccidiosus, but not eliminate completely. If the vents are clear, switch the feed to medicated if they aren't on it all ready. Then treat all chicks with corrid.
They aren't on medicated feed(We'll try to get that tomorrow), they don't have really dark or bloody poop, and a few of them have pasty vents(We did our best to clean them). It also looks like we are gonna lose one tonight :(
The one that was stated in the main post has gotten really worse. Is there anything I can do right now? I think he is going to pass tonight if I do nothing. :(
I just gave him some sugar water and he drank some, I'll try to get on cooking some egg yolks as fast as I can.
He doesn't have much interest for the cooked egg yolk, but he has been taking more sips of the sugar water.
I thought he was gonna be okay, but he can't lift his head or stand anymore. :/
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