Sick chicken help!


Aug 20, 2015
Advice please!
Today I noticed one of my hens with a pasty butt (diarrhea). I didn't think much of it because she was running around with the rest of the flock like usual. However, this evening when I went to the coop she was in the nesting box and wouldn't move. I thought maybe she was on the eggs I hadn't collected yet. Until I saw a watery looking egg and yolk in the box with her. I took her out of the box (which is unusual that she let me pick her up) and clean her butt off. I don't think she's egg bound but she definitely isn't acting like herself. Please help. I lost another hen a few weeks ago and I would hate to lose another.
Sorry that you never received an answer on this. There are so many threads and not enough people to answer.
Are you still having trouble with the hen? Is she ok? My first thoughts were "worm her". But, that is always my go to.

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