sick chicken help


The Omelet Ranch
10 Years
Sep 18, 2009
SF East Bay CA
We got 4 chickens (our first) only to find out from another breeder (where we got 4 more) that that ranch had mereks. We now have a sick chicken from teh 1st breeder. She is not moving aroudn much, sitting mostly, when she stands she is wobbly. Her eyes are still brown but she's obvisouly sick. she ate a little fruit tonight, but she's also not growing like the others. She is about 4 months old.
I'm afraid you will probably have to cull that one. Get her away from the others immediately, and get all of them medicated. I don't know much about specific diseases, but you might unfortunately need to cull all your flock.
she has meraks and won't probably last the day, she is separated and I think I need to sanitize the coop somehow. The others are fine and arn't displaying any symptoms

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