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10 Years
Jan 18, 2010
I have a brahma hen who 4 days ago was acting normal then she didn't want to stand, she is standing now but isn't really eating just stands there. I have pictures if I could figure how to attach. Any ideas, I have wormed.
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that exact same thing happened to my chicken... I never knew what was wrong with him, but he got better eventually.... What I did to help my chicken was separate it from the other chickens and left it a bowl of chick food. he started eating eventually, but I don't really know what you should really do though...

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We need more information--how old is this hen? is she of laying age, and is she laying right now? What do her droppings look like? Any blood? Does she have any unusual swellings or discharge from her vent? How does her crop feel and does it go down overnight? Can you get her to eat anything--such as treats like yogurt, scrambled egg, etc...I would bring her inside to a dark, quiet, warm spot and get info back to us as quickly as possible.
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she is under a year she isn't laying yet, her crop had nothing in it, her vent is clean her droppings are not anything lately, I just fed her some raw egg and corn syrup to get some energy in it. She has been living in the garage with heat all winter. That is why I stuck her out side thinking she needs some sun light. Instead of just standing in a cage. And today was nice and so is tomorrow.
The egg is good, you will probably want to cook it so she doesn't develop a taste for raw egg. I would not give her corn syrup, sugar, molasses etc... as they can cause diarrhea and stress her further. She looks old enough to lay...hopefully this is not some problem with her egg laying machinery. Are they on a good diet with access to oyster shell and grit? I would also keep an eye out for any bloody poo or constant diarrhea. If she has always been on wire, she may not have developed a resistance to coccidiosis, and could have gotten that. You may want to get her some Corid if she has never been on the ground before and has constant diarrhea.
Sorry about your bird... she looked very pretty. Maybe she had a really really really bad case of mites? That happened to my silkie once but i saved her in the nick of time. You may want to check your other birds for signs of illness.

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