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    I have a 15 month old barred rock hen. She has been sitting on an empty nest with one golf ball in it for 2-3 days. She sleeps in the nest and does not get on the roost with the other chickens. She makes rocking motions at times and other times she just sits listless. It has been 90 plus here in GA during the day and we have not seen her go get any water. I felt around under her for a possible stuck egg but not sure what I am looking for. Today she looks very weak and not holding her head up. I pushed her off the nest yesterday and she pecked around a bit but then got back on the nest 20 minutes later. I'm worried about the lack of water.
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    You might want to repost in Emergency or Chicken Behaviors to get a faster reply...

    Sorry, my chickies aren't laying yet,I don't have an answer...
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    Hi iwanteggs,
    I am sorry to hear about that! I have never had a broody hen stay on the nest to the point where she getting very weak, but it sounds like that is what she is doing! You can do one of 2 things:

    1.) Place a cup of food and a cup of water (you can mix electrolytes or sugar if you wish) right near the nest so all she has to do is reach over [without getting up] and eat. I provide this to all of my broody hens to save them the time of getting up.
    2.) Take her off the nest and move her from cage to cage to break her of the broodyness. You may have to do this for a while depending on how stubborn and determined she is. Dont let her catch sight of an egg (or golf ball), though, and if you can put another chicken or two in with her as you move her that is smaller than her and wont threaten her. This might cause a distaction or make her feel her surroundings are not ideal for nesting. Make sure there is not ANY possible nesting material in the cages, or she will use this. Dont let her stay in the cage for more than a day, less if possible. The newer the surroundings are the better! Dont think I am cruel, but you want her as uncomfortable as possible!

    *But make SURE if you want her to get off the nest you take away the golf ball! If she had been egg-bound (the possible "stuck egg"), she would have been dead within 1-2 days; just because it completely backs them up. Good luck and please let us know how she is doing! One question, do you want her to stay broody, are you going to use her to set?

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