Sick chicken, smells very bad...


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Sep 23, 2013
Hi, I have an issue with a pullet that I've not seen before(I haven't seen the issue before...we've had the pullet for a couple months). When I first found her I thought she had bloody stool and figured I would treat her for coccidia. But, after getting her butt cleaned up I realized the blood was coming from her tail which had been pecked free of feathers by her coop-mates. (There are 6 pullets and they live in a mobile chicken tractor on pasture which we move every other day). She has poo running down her back side and her but/belly is free of fluff. She is not at all lethargic or sick in appearance otherwise. She is pretty mad to be quarantined. She has a horrific odor..., sort of acrid and smokey? Could this still be coccidia or what should I be treating for? Can anyone help?
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Smell appears to come from her vent. She has no discharge from her nose. She never had blood in her poo. It just looked that way when I first found her. The blood was coming from abover her vent on her tail, where she had been pecked by the other chickens.
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Thank you, Eggcessive, I looked at the post about vent gleet and I think that may be it. It looks very similar. I have added vinegar to her water as a matter of routine for sick birds and will add garlic and some of the other recommendations. Any other personal experiences are appreciated.
I have found that some of my chickens will collect runny poo around their vent feathers, so I trim their feathers and any dried poo once a month. Yogurt once or twice a week helps to keep the stools firmer also.
Today she got garlic and vinegar water and was sprayed twice with an 'athletes foot' spray. I'll try yogurt, too. We're out at the moment so it's on the shopping list for tomorrow. She's still very alert and feisty, which i feel is a good sign. Thank you everyone.
Make sure the yogurt says it has "live bacteria" in it.

It sounds like you're giving her treatments that should be very helpful. Glad to hear she is feeling perky!
I have a young pullet, bought one week ago. She has been fine every night that I checked on her. Tonight, I found her puffed up, head to the side and stumbling. I picked her up, and she smells dead already from her mouth. She is also gurgling. Brought her in, washed her with dawn, blow dried her gently, she has shown no improvement. Help.please

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