sick chicken weak eyes,droopy comb, lethargic, eats and drink a little

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  1. Highlander49

    Highlander49 Chirping

    Mar 21, 2009
    She has been sick a few days.
    I'm not sure if she is able to poop. There is a little white
    (urine) poop.
    I have her in a bed of straw with a light, and
    with food and water available.
    Could she be egg bound? She has ben laying for about a year.

  2. chickenzoo

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    Has she every been wormed, is she thin?
    Feel her back end and see if you feel an egg, sometimes they lodge deep close to where the chest keel bone is.....
    Try to keep her on supportive care, vitamins in water, scrambled eggs or mushy food to temp her to eat, put scrambled eggs in her mouth till she swallows. If not drinking you can inject under skin a water/ vitamin mix to keep her hydrated.
  3. Highlander49

    Highlander49 Chirping

    Mar 21, 2009
    No, I have never wormed her, even though I purchased wormer last summer.
    I have ducks and they kind of complicate things.
    I have been giving her a scrambled egg every morning. I do have to force feed
    her that. This morning I mixed hot water with laying crumble and they all loved
    that (even though they don't love the regular dry crumble) She ate that on her own.
    It's kind of like hot cereal on a cold snowy morning. I also found a little green grass,
    under the snow and she ate that. She also is drinking fairly well) on her own.
    She has had a rough go of it...the roosters seemed to always be after her, so she would hide
    or spend the day on the roost. Even now she does not have feathers on her back.
    I have a couple of other hens that went through the same thing but have fared better then
    she has.
    I will try to examine her a little better tomorrow. Her abodomin area has felt maybe a little tight or slightly swollen. By the way...I've even given her the warm bath...hoping she would pass an egg, if there was one there. That was four or five days ago.
    I have not been able to feel an egg. I've actually been surprised to find her
    still alive, each morning.
    I do think she is very thin. Can you worm a sick chicken? What do you think of
    using garlic? and Do you have an opinion on DE?
    Thank you so much for responding. Your reply was very interenting.
    Would love to see her healthy again.

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