Sick Chicken


Aug 17, 2015

I have a Rhode Island Red Chicken that I got from an auction about 5 months ago. She has been doing really good no problems. This weekend I noticed though that her one eye was completely swollen and has puss coming out of it. I thought maybe another chicken got her in the eye somehow so I wiped it out and put some eye cleaner/ointment into it that I got from Tractor Supply. I went to check on her the next day and the other eye is doing it now, not as bad as the other one but this one I notice has a little bubble in the corner of it. I also noticed that she leaves her mouth open and when she drinks water there is drool that comes out of it. Where her beak connects to her face there are also two large bumps it looks like it is all swollen. I have her separated into a pen with some food and water so that the other chickens don't bother her. Does anyone know what this could be so I can treat it better?

She could have a virus or infection some where in her respiratory region.
Is she eating well?
Losing weight?
She was eating good till yesterday when I moved her I think its because she can't really see. She keeps leaving her mouth open as well and will keep almost like coughing but does not make a coughing sound. She will just keep tucking her head in her wing. I put some Sulfadimethoxine powder in her water to see if that will do anything. When I get home I will get a picture of her face as well. Satruday she was out of the coop in the fenced in area walking around but yesterday she didn't leave the coop. Not sure if it was because she was up perching and couldn't see to get down or what?

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