sick chicken?


5 Years
Sep 14, 2014
Boonville NY
One of my chickens has been laying by herself away from the other, with her neck "tucked" in. Generally she is skiddish when I walk in and runs away but now she doesn't try. I've noticed when they're all in the coop the other hens seem to stay away from her. I feed them a lame as and that's about it. Any ideas?
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Sorry about your hen. Have you given her an exam to see if you can figure out what is going on? Start at the head and look for anything respiratory, comb color, feel the breast bone for thinness, check the crop (morning is the best time to do this for emptiness) or if it is completely empty during the day, (not good). Check her over for mites or lice, feel her abdomen for water belly, and if she is of laying age put on a latex glove with some vaseline or KY Jelly on the index finger and insert it into her vent looking for a stuck egg. Check her poop for color consistency and output.

You will want to gather this information and post this in our emergency section for more help...

I hope someone can help you there and get her all healed back up soon.
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Defiantly give her an overall exam.

*Eyes-Clean, bright, alert and no fluid emerging out

*Nostrils-Clean with no unusual breathing sounds and no fluid emerging out

*Comb and wattles-Clean, glossy and plump

*Neck and head-Alert, upright and not sagging or lopsided

*Feathers-Clean, slick and well-preened

*Crop-Full and rounded in evening, empty in morning

*Legs and toes-Sturdy, firm, not lopsided and scales should not be raised (Lifted scales can be a sign of mites.)

*Vent-Clean and moist but not very wet

*Droppings-Firm, white capped

*Body weight-Appropriate for age and breed and not over nor underweight
Sorry, I meant lame ash, or atleast that's what the feed mill calls it. I will check these things and get back to you all. Thank you very much for the input. She seems very puffed up and seems to close her eyes a lot.
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X2 on Enola, it may be Coccidiosis. Is the bird laying? It could also be egg binding.
No lodged egg, though her rear is quite messy and it smells alittle worse than usual. She did get out of the pen and seems to have no problem running. Her comb is the normal reddish color but its drooping more than usual. When we got her it already had a sag to it but its worse the past couple days. If it is coccidia how do I treat?
Just googled it. What little I read it sounds like I need anticoccidials or to let it run its course. Would rather treat but I'll have to wait until tomorrow anyways.Should I get her away from the rest of the chickens for now?

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