sick chickens..did we do the right thing what else do we need to do?


8 Years
Mar 28, 2011
I bought some mixed breed pullets from a guy 2 wks ago.
5 of them came out of the same large coupe
3 others out of 3 different coupes.

Well one of the 5 came down today with a cough, tummy nose and crusty dh culled it..we looked at the other 4 that came out of the same pen and while they only had slightly tummy noses he culled them as well..

The ones that came out of different pens have no signs or symptoms of being sick..not the first sign of a tummy nose, cough or anything

Now I only have 3 coupes one with my bantems, the one the 5 where in with the others we bought from the same guy and 1 I have for the hens I'm picking up tomorrow. I do have a turkey house my 2 turkeys and 2 guineas share.

What can I do to the coupe so the others don't get birds free range during the day but they have thier own areas that they stay in where they would eat their food and drink...

Will the others I got from that guy get sick? Will they ever be able to be with my new hens I'm getting?

It wouldn't be so bad but one of them from that guy is my 5 yr olds and the other is my daughters???

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