Sick Chickens have White Chalky wet poop and don't eat or drink and not active


6 Years
Jul 12, 2013
I don't know what it is but I have a few chickens die even though I try to treat them and keep them warm. I noticed a few days before that my best hen is less active and kinda puffed up. It was a cold morning that day so wasn't sure if she was cold or sick. She ate but a little less than she did. I didn't see no evidence of bloody poop or anything yet. Well the next day she ate even less and not sure if she even drank water. Then I noticed white chalky wet poop. I have seen this before and not sure what it is. I tried giving her Corid in her water and put the medicated water down her throat with a syringe. She just slept and didn't eat or drink on day 3. I feed her baby bird food to give her energy. It didn't seem like it was cocciciosis because the corid didn't help. Not sure what it was is whey I am asking because don't know what to treat them with. Symptoms are they stop eating and drinking and stop moving. They have that wet white chalky poop. They fluff up in the corner and sleep a lot. Please help! Trying to rack my brain to figure out how to treat them.
When mine have white poop it means they are dehydrated. To correct hydration I tube fluids. Let me know if yo want to learn. Once they are hydrated I will medicate them with antibiotics, wormer or Corid if I think they need it.

Thanks for the reply. What causes them not to drink or eat? she got very thin and died on day 4 after trying to treat her. How can you tell if they are sick or cold?
Thanks Kathy I tried a dropper to give her corid with water for the past few days but it was too late or didn't work. She died 3 days later. She didn't want to drink and tried to eat but only by egging her on. She at very little ands she was getting skinny and breast bone very pronounced! I noticed her not moving around 3 days prior but though she was just cold.

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