Sick Chickens...Killing Me...


8 Years
Aug 19, 2011
So i've owned chicken for a pretty long time, but this is just ridiculious! I have had one chicken be fine one day than die the next. No signs... i'm assuming that it is the strange winter and that they haven't been able to acclimate properly. Second, I have a bird that is simply lathargic.... Then one day I notice her eyes watering and she had fluid on her eye. neither of which is happening anymore instead she just tucks her head into her feathers like she is cold. She is going on three weeks only drinking water, and rarely moving. Other one is still very mobile, eats still but is lathargic as well. She isn't alert and healthy looking, her eyes are watering too and she mostly keeps her eyes closed. The one that actually died was mille fluer d'uccle rooster and these last two who are sick are porcelain d'uccle hens. All my other birds are fine. Any idea what is causing this? I have an idea or two what it might be just not sure.


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Nov 27, 2008
Glen St Mary, Florida
At 3 weeks old, could be cocci. Get some corid from the cattle section at your feed store and treat them. The liquid 9.6% solution dosage is 9.5cc's per gallon of water for 5 days. If they dont drink the mixture, use an eyedropper to orally dose them 4-5 times a day during the 5 day period.

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