Sick Chicks Help (pics)


8 Years
Jun 14, 2011
I have a tractor full of sick chicks and I dont know what is wrong. I have wormed, medicated, electrolited and cider vinagered. Any ideas will help me. They are not really that lithargic and they are eating and pooping but it looks watery (literally) with a speck of poop. Here they are any help is appreciated.


Are they all holding their mouths open like that. Also, it seems they received a lot of medication at once which can be very taxing on an already compromised system. After worming, the poop may be runny until the worms are gone. Also, different meds are for different worms. They look really sick.
I guess I should explain but I have this thing of just blurting stuff when I get upset.
1. This started about 2 weeks ago with these bantys. So the first thing I did was the worming and seperate them from everyone else.
2. Then, after worming I started them on the electrolites with medication in it as it was prescribed for 3 days.
3 Then, today I started the CV because if I give them to much more of the other meds and worming etc it WILL kill them for sure.

Now that that is out of the way and hopefully it sounds more sane than not. Yes they have a tractor that i completely enclosed on one end with a heat lamp. All of my chickens, adults and chicks have heat lights with them because some of the adults have chicks so I have to keep everyone warm.
There is only 2 of the chicks that are still affected. They have no other signs except for the closing of the eyes and acting like they are gasping for air. All of the chicks(7total) are about 3 months old and run around the tractor and try to fly and act like normal chicks. Even the two that are pictured are eating and pooping (like I said before the watery stuff) and will run or try to fly then they look like the pictures. This is why I am sooooooooooooo concerned. Do chickens get gape worm? Thats the only thing that I can think of. I have checked down their beaks and nothing is in there I have felt their necks and they were screaming like I was killing them ( we havent tamed these guys, we got screwed when we bought the eggs, they are supposed to be Lemon Cuckoo Orpingtons......I KNOw I KNOW they arent, they are somekind of banty chicks so we were going to sell them at trade day) Its almost like they knew we were going to sell them cause they started acting like this. But now its only the 2, it was 5 of them.

Thanks for allllll of the help yall have offered any thing that you can think of is welcome.

Thanks again
Maybe their systems are weak from all the medications and if they have alot of watery stool probably dehydrated. Maybe add a little sugar to their electrolyte water. It will make them more thirsty just like sugar does humans. This will help rehydrate them. Maybe give them some yogurt( probiotics) , scrambled or boiled eggs( good source of protein) or warm oatmeal ( good for them and help warm the insides really nice).
Wow we BAMA's must think alike.......I was wondering if sugar would help a bit but I never thought of the warm oatmeal. All I have is the Greek kind of yogurt reckon that will be okay? I will try that in the am. Well in a couple of hours anyway. LOL
If it seems like a respiratory problem, you need to treat it with antibiotics, something like Tylan or Sulmet. And if it's respiratory, it will probably spread. They look pretty awful. I hope you can catch it in time.

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