Sick chicks, sneezing etc. HELP PLEASE

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  1. I have 7 silkie chicks. 3 are 1 week and 2 days and the other 4 are 6 days old.

    I noticed 2-3 days ago that they are sneezing. Then two chicks had their eyes stick shut. So I quarantined them, and ended up putting one to sleep because it wasnt eating.

    Now the other chick is doing better. Both eyes are open. and its eating and drinking.

    The other 6 chicks will sneeze, and I noticed this morning that one of the younger chicks has one of its eyes sealed together.

    They have no eye discharge, and nothing comes out when they sneeze.

    Im treating them with Aueromycin in the water, since it sounds respiratory.

    What could this be? Could it just be a chicken cold?

    Here is some information:

    They are on pine shavings.
    Im feeding them non-medicated chick starter.
    I started the Aueromycin 2 days ago.
    Their poop is normal. No blood or watery poop.
    They are acting normal, eating and drinking, peeping, and running around.

    I really need some help. What do you think it could be? I surely dont want to have to put the rest of the chicks to sleep.

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    maybe they are stressed. add some sugar to their water and maybe vitamins.
    maybe adding the younger caused them to freak a little.

    God bless and heal your little chicks.
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    Those tiny silkies get chilled very easily. Could they have been in a draft for a bit too long or got cold for a few hours? Were they shipped? I've had batches get the sniffles if they got chilled in the car on the way home, but it didn't come with eye problems and they fixed right up in a few days on their own.
  4. Quote:Nope. I hatched them. They couldnt have gotten a chill. I have a heat lamp on them, and I have cardboard around the brooder, so that drafts cant get to them. But I suppose it is always a possibility.

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