Sick Chicks!

New chick momma

May 17, 2015
I posted earlier about my sick chick being lethargic and not walking much. I thought it had a case of pasty butt so I started treatment for that but the chick went down hill quickly after treatment was started and passed on to chicken heaven. I checked the rest of my chicks last night and they were all happy and healthy. When I got home from work today one chicken was laying on the floor of the brooder and was very lethargic. I picked it up and tried to get it to stand but it wouldn't. I got it to drink a little bit but it wouldn't do much else. The chick had a clean behind so it couldn't be pasty butt. I let it be for about a half hour and when I returned it had passed on to chicken heaven as well. Any ideas of what is going on with my chicks? I'm new to having chicks and want to keep them safe! Please help!!!!
Sorry for your problems. How old are the chicks? What feed, bedding, water, heat do they have? I am not an expert but I think those will be some questions you might be asked. Hope this bump helps and someone with answers comes on line.
We bought the chicks at a local farm supply store last Friday (May 15). I would say they are probably like a week old now. We bought their feed and bedding at the same store. Feed is Nutrisource Chick Starter Feed and we are using Premium All Natural Pinewood Shavings for the bedding.
Its possible it could be cocci. Farm stores are kinda notorious(at least places like TSC) for having sickly chicks. Good news is the treatment for cocci is harmless, so it doesnt hurt to try it. Corid is what you want, liquid or powder is fine. A lethargic chick, with droopy wings, and beginning to get a decrease appeptite and not drinking much is usually cocci. When you see blood in the droppings its usually almost too late to save them when they are very young. Sometimes they will still eat some in early stages. Cocci infects the intestinal tract of the bird and robs the bird of nutrients, and the bird slowly tires and wastes away. It could be something else, but chances are its cocci. Treat with Corid, or another cocci treatment right away.

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