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    Oct 27, 2011
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    I've got a 5-7 month Cochin bantam hen who lives with three other standard sized hens and has come down with some sort of illness. She is sitting fluffed up and not moving much. I don't see any injuries and her breathing seems normal. No discharge anywhere, although she has a slightly runny stool. She doesn't seem interested in food, but she did drink a little a few minutes ago.

    I think she may have consumed some of her wood shaving bedding, because her crop feels full. I have been using the larger flakes and they all have been fine, but our local feed store only had the smaller kind that is about the size of their pellets. Either that or she got chilled at some point a few days ago, I think.

    I have her under a 125w heat lamp about 8 inches away from her, although she can go much farther away if she wants. I moved her food and water closer to her. The other hens are out and about and leaving her alone. They seem to be in good health.

    Any suggestions?

    P.s. the local "chicken doctor" won't be available until tomorrow :(

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