Sick Duck with seizures *update and more questions*

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by LilDucky85, Jul 4, 2009.

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    Feb 8, 2009
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    My Pekin Ducks that I hatched in April are now 10 weeks old. They appear to be growing great, and are normal healthy ducks. We're just finishing up their duck house so until its completed they live in a large cage in my garage. During the day I let them roam around in my yard, or block them in a section of my patio along with their pool.

    I also had three very active 3 week old ducklings too up until Monday when 2 of them died for no apparent reason. I found the first one dead, and the second one well on its way to dying too. I did whatever I could to save it but couldn't. I've had the ducklings brooder in the garage next to the large ducks cage for two weeks now. After the 2 ducks died I was worried so I brought the remaining baby back inside.

    Well, yesterday I was outside grilling when I heard a loud Quack. I looked over to find 6 ducks in a row watching one duck on its back. My smallest Pekin duck was on its back, feet up in the air, and stiff as a board. Its was doing exactly what the duckling was doing when I watched it died. I stood there and couldn't believe I was witnessing one of my big ducks dying. It was like I was replaying it all over again from Monday. The duck did the same thing where it slowly stretched its feet then tensed up. Its neck was in back of its body kind of bent backwards. I moved its beak and neck forward and it just laid there. I called my dad over and said I didn't know what was wrong, another duck just died! He said "How do you know its dead?" Ok, we're new to ducks-or any poultry. I said "Well, ducks don't sleep on their back. I'm cooking I cant touch it...put it in the cage." Instead he grabbed the hose and squirted around it. I was like "WHAT are you doing?" He's like "Well, its dirty. I'm cleaning it". I said "Its not dirty and freezing it with ice cold water isn't going to help!" Then suddenly before our eyes the thing hops up back on its feet. It seemed a little dazed but otherwise okay. I was stumped. The thing totally came back to life.

    I was prepared for the worse and assumed the poor duck died overnight. I was too scared to look so I made my 9 year old nephew check when he came over. LoL Such a nice Auntie, I know. He said all the ducks are alive. I let them outside and blocked them in the patio area. A few hours later my Mom said that I had to come quick, the duck had finally died. I said are you sure? She said yes, I'm sure. It's really gone this time. I go outside with a plastic bag to remove the remains and nope, once again no ducks on the ground. I counted the ducks twice, and all 7 were walking around. I laughed both relieved, and confused. I told my parents, and they came to look. My Dad witnessed it twice now, but my mom just this first time. She said "No, it was like dead-dead." and pointed out the same duck as yesterday. I checked it and it seemed a little weak, but otherwise okay. Since then I have named my duck Zombie. I also came up with Resurrection Mary (a famous ghost from around here) but I'm not sure if it's a girl or boy yet.

    I am completely stumped as to what is going on with this duck. It doesn't appear to be eating while the other ducks eat so I'm thinking it could be sick? Why does this duck keep coming back to life? Could it be having Seizures? Any and all help is much appreciated!



    **Update: July 27, 2009**
    The duck Zombie seems to be withering away. I went on vacation for 2 weeks and when I came back it looked sicker then ever. When I walked up to the cage it was dirty from falling down constantly, Im assuming from the seizures. I tried to wash it off a little with the hose and it stumbled around hardly staying on its feet. My sister who took care of my ducks for me said she didnt even notice a problem with the duck, and had no idea it was sick. I figured it would die while I was away but its still hanging on. Yesterday I washed it and it seemed very weak. It just went in its house and stayed there. It looks really small, and skinny. Is there somewhere I can bring it that can save it? I have no clue whats wrong with it and I hate seeing it this way. It would be sad to see someone take it, but if someone can help it I want them to. It would be much worse to see the poor thing die. Any suggestions??

    **Update: July 29, 2009**
    Sadly Zombie died today. I went to the duck coop today to feed them, give them water, and clean them to find a missing Zombie. I checked in the run, and the house but no Zombie? Then I found it curled up in the food bowl. I took the entire food bowl out and am going to bury Zombie in it. I don't want to contaminate the other ducks, and this way the duck will have a little resting place of its own. Its sad but mostly a relief. I watched my duck wither away, and it got to a point where I didn't want to go out to the coop any more because it meant seeing poor Zombie looking sad and sick. I hate to see Zombie this way but at least he isn't suffering anymore. Rest in Peace little Zombie. [​IMG]
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    It does sound like a seizure of some sort.
    Check out this link and see if any of it sounds close.

    Nice ducks, by the way. I hope you don't loose anymore. I like your pond. [​IMG]
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    What a beautiful pond... and I hope Zombie doesn't keep scaring you.
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    Jan 31, 2009
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    Yep, sounds like a seizure. Just call them "fainting ducks" instead of "brain damaged ducks" and sell them for $1,000 apiece.
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    Feb 10, 2009
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    They can be Fainting Ducks instead of Fainting Goats. They do the stiff legged thing and are easily knocked over when in this "trance". I don't know what your duck is doing but I hope it feels better soon.
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    Mar 21, 2009
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    Very confusing I'm sure.

    I have no idea but I have to ask......

    How do you keep your pond clean?? Does it have filters?

    We had ducks a couple of years ago and they could dirty up their pool in minutes. They were alot of work. I would like to get more but only if I could figure out how to keep the pond clean with little work.
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    Quote:My pond has filters. The pond wasnt intended for the ducks as it was built a few years ago, and long before I decided to get ducks. Luckily its duck poop/feather proof! They have their own pool but prefer the pond. Im in the process of retraining them to use the pool since we added fish to the pond. Thats a whole other story, lol....It's impossible so far!

    I have joked that my duck is a fainting duck rather than a fainting goat! There is no such thing as a fainting duck though is there? Whatever is wrong with it is confusing, and now kinda funny when it comes back to life. It's like Im sad about the death one second, only for it to come back to life right before my eyes a few seconds later. It just started out of no where so I have no clue what is up with the duck. Everyday I'm always scared to look now, and find it dead. So far so good though!
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  8. Ummm, is there any possibilty that he is doing this after he breeds a hen? My drake duck ALWAYS fell clean off the female and onto the ground, dead duck and then got up all dazed and went about his normal way. Rabbit bucks do it too....

    Just thinking here.
  9. LilDucky85

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    Feb 8, 2009
    Northern, Illinois
    No way? Really? I cant even imagine them laying eggs...fertile, or not. I totally forgot that eventually they might lay eggs!! Kinda scary!

    When do they start to mate? My ducks were born April 12, 13, 14, 2009.
  10. They won't lay until they're about 5-6 months but the drakes will breed the hens or try to, long before the hens are laying...

    Do you have a drake? Usually the drakes are quieter and don't QUACK like the hens do, they sound like they whisper...

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