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9 Years
Oct 20, 2010
I was given 2 ducks, and one of them had an odd 'action' going on in its chest... it was like it's heart was trying to jump out, especially when it got anxious - I thought it was a birth defect of some sort... it ate fine, swam in the pond and was just an "odd duck". But this has developed into something worse, the poor thing seems to have a hard time breathing, and opens and closes its mouth like it would like to be quacking, but it can't quack. It isn't growing, and is definately getting weak. It does eat a little, but won't swim anymore, and doesn't even move when you go to pick it up.
Should I try to find a vet... or is this a defective duck that probably wouldn't ever get well?
Hello, I had the same thing happen to one of our ducklings, she hatched out fine acted normal, til about 2 months of age. She started to stay to herself because she couldn't keep up, then she just couldn't go at all. We decided to put her to sleep at around 3 months of age and the day my husband was taking her down the driveway she just died in his arms, No outward signs that anything was wrong but I truly believe that she had a defective heart. I am not saying that is whats wrong with yours but sounds very much the same. Sorry unless you take it to the vet you'll never know for sure. If you do lose it though I would get another duck for the one thats left, they really like company. and p.s. Welcome to BYC!!
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Thanks so much for your response... I do think it's a fairly hopeless situation. It is very sad, the other duck even seems to try to support her. I live in an urban area, and the only vet that sees birds is only open Sat - Tues, so I may have her put down. These goofy birds (chickens and ducks) are so easy to get attached to!

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