sick duckling?


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Mar 24, 2014
Big Rapids, MI
My 3 week old Rouen duckling, Lucy, might be sick. Last week on of my *much* larger ducklings might have possibly stepped on her and so she has been favoring her right leg and laying down a lot. She doesn't like to stand up, but once she's standing she is pretty okay to walk around for a bit. She usually doesn't make it far before her right leg gives out. Nothing seems to be dislocated of broken, I compared her to her brother of the same age. I have been helping her practice walking, letting her have longer swims (low impact exercise), and testing the resistance of her leg and it seems fine, she just favors it like it pains her.

Last night when I took them to have their daily bath her poop had blood in it, the blood was really watery. After the bather (and a few bloody poops later) I let her walk around and she had a normal looking healthy solid poop. I was giving them the save-a-chick pobiotics and vitamins in their water for one day this week and I let the 2 Rouen's try organic plain-o's for the first time, I'm concerned those maybe did something to Lucy's intestines/stomach?
Please help, Lucy is my little princess, if I lose her I will be devastated!

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