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Hey there all- we had our brooding littles with coccidia a few weeks ago and successfully treated them all. Even the sickest little pulled through. They just finished their round of corid and are doing wonderful.

Thursday, I got home and one of our hens (1.5 yo leghorn) was limping. My son picked her up because she was otherwise just roosting and wouldn't really walk around. I checked her leg and foot on the limping side and couldn't find any obvious injury. Inspecting her foot pad it was a bit swollen and hot. I started the search for what the cause could be and found lots of bumblefoot, but she didn't have much swelling and no obvious scabbing or masses. My husband and I discussed treating her for bumblefoot, but thought we should see how she does. We took her inside and cleaned up her feet. Until yesterday she was still alert and would walk a bit. She was def not feeling well and preferred for me to hold her and would sleep in my arms. We had a busy work day yesterday so we couldn't be with her, but when we got home she was still hanging in there. This morning we got up and she had passed on.

Inspecting her foot and body I still don't see any obvious signs of illness or infection. She had no other signs, coughing or otherwise to signal anything else. I know there are a herd of other possibilities, but now that my sweet girl has passed, I worry about the rest of the flock. All the other hens seem good, no limping or lameness. Any thoughts?
If you are wondering what she died from, you should definitely send her to the state lab for a necropsy. It isn't very expensive, and you will know if it is something contagious or if you can prevent it in the future.

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