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Cj's Mandarin Ducks
11 Years
Mar 11, 2008
Central PA
I have a sebbie that appears sick. I have 3 goslings I got about 2 months ago. All three were doing great.
I noticed last night that my white gosling is unsteady on her feet. She is only about half the size of the other two (well a little more than half but still smaller). She nibbles at food but does not eat much but she does drink.
I was reading it could be worms.. What do I worm with and how much? Any help of suggestions would greatly be appreciated.
Don't just blindly deworm a gosling. It could be niacin delicacy as well. A vet visit should be in order to figure out what is going on.
I have an appt. but its not until wed. He can not get me in before that. I feed Turkey starter with game bird starter grower in it.
Should I be adding niacin to the food? If so how much?
If you aren't feeding a waterfowl food, yes niacin needs added. You want the regular niacin and most do one dose over the feed once a day.

Depending on the age of your gosling you are feeding way to high of protien as well. You are mixing to high % protien feeds, neither made for ducks and geese.
She is 6 weeks old. I was told by the breeder that the gamebird feed was fine. So that is why I was feeding it. I will get some waterfowl feed.
she is eating and drinking. I gave her some niacin its in a gel cap. 500cc so desolved it and only gave her 1/5 of the mix. Also gave her some calicum, and
vitamins & electroites. Her beak is very pale almost white and so is her legs and feet. I also got her some wheat germ and she nibble on that.
Got her some grass and she did eat some of that.
She did let me separate her and put her in a pen off the ground and did not get upset like she did last night. think she appreciated it as one of the sibblings was pulling tail feathers out.
You need to check the feed on top of taking the bird to the vet. Turkey starter often contains bacitracin and I don't know if that is good for geese.
will go do that now. Thanks.. I do have an apt. but they can not see her until wed. she is eating and drinking but her beak and feet are pale.
CJ, have you been able to find other feed yet? Even purina chick starter with the niacin added would be better. Has she been able to be on grass daily so far?

Keep us posted, will try and check in later.
She is still alive and standing.. bit wobbly. I gave her niacin, and some electrolites along with polyvisol.
I mixed her some water with niacin & some honey & chick vitamins.
I took some and put it in her mouth to make sure she got some.
I separated her to a pen off the ground so she can see the other goslings so she is not so upset not being with them.
I make them salad everyday and I gave her some kelp, and collard greens and some clover and grass. Along with some
wheat germ. she sampled all.
When I went in this morning she was talking to me and when I gave her the salad she eat some. But then goes to stand and watch the others.
She is still pale. Her beak is almost white and her legs and feet were that way last nite. I see a bit of color coming back to the legs unless it hopeful thinking but I think
I could see some color coming back.
I was up most of the night trying to find out why that would be and it all lead to cocci.

All the feed mills were closed by the time I got off work.. going to get some today at lunch break.
Thank you for your concern. I am so worried about her. Waited for years for Sebbies and here I am fighting to save her.

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