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5 Years
Jan 23, 2015
i have this guinea hen that appears to be sick. i am going to tell you all the background i can: she has been at the bottom of the pecking order for a few months but has got along fine. i noticed that she had extra long toe nails about a month ago that sort curled out to the side so we cut them down close to the quick but they still kind of curl out to the side. we went out of town for 6 days and i had them cooped up the entire time with hay and a lot of water and food. now that we are back she is staying at the coop by herself all day and is not perching at night. there are brown spots under her eyes and the eyes look kind of sleepy all the time. she keeps her feathers puffed up and her head tucked in at all times which she never used to do. she still eats and drinks everyday, today i added cayenne pepper and diatomaceous earth to their food and sprinkled it in the hay and saw her eat the food. i thought that may help if she has worms. i previously only added the cayenne pepper to food for a dewormer. i also added extra acv to the water. any other ideas for me? thank you!


Sep 27, 2015
I have no idea what is affecting her. The only thing I can think to add would be fresh chopped/sliced garlic along with the acv to the water. That could help her as well as protect the others.


5 Years
Oct 9, 2014
She sounds like she wants to be sitting on some eggs. I once had a chicken that stayed on the ground nesting but didn't lay any eggs. I first gave her some fake ones and then gave her some duck eggs she was the proudest mama when they hatched... She looked like crap and it took a lot out of her. If she's eatting she'll probably be fine. Good luck.


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Sep 10, 2015
I had four guinea hens that did this. Sadly they passed away from refusing to go under the heat lamp with the rest of the flock. They simply scattered the shavings away from them hunkered down and froze to death :\

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