Sick Hen And Field Rats!!!!

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by lauriruth, Oct 4, 2010.

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    So, i'm isolating my sick RIR hen. going to put her in the old Catawba coop that i use for "hospital", etc. opened it up today and seriously....half of my compost pile was stashed in there! Rat poo everywhere. i cleaned it out, dusted with DE, replaced the bedding, etc. it definitely isn't rat/mouse proof. this is now a war. other than traps or poison, how do you get rid of the demons?!?[​IMG]
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    A rat poison called Just One Bite. No animal who eats the dead rat will be harmed, so you just have to keep the chickens from getting to it. The chemical name of the poison is bromadiolone.
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    thanks, ddawn!
  4. lauriruth

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    Has anyone ever heard of or used RATZAPPER? it's supposed to electricly shock them to death.
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    Quote:You can make a rat zapper out of a 6 volt lantern battery,a pair of small battery clamps,two pieces of metal with tabs cut out of them,and a box with two compartments inside.

    I was planning to make one this past weekend,but Ive found out that we have a brown owl that is getting our rat and mouse problems naturally.I might still make one.
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    I bought an electric rat trap 2-3 weeks ago due to a slight rat problem. It sucked. Supposively the light on top blinks when there's a kill. It was blinking for several mornings, each time with the bait gone. Now it's just gathering dust. Brand I used was victor. I used just one bite before, and I got a kill and the bait was usually gone, but I'm not a fan of poison.
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    Where do you buy "Just One Bite" ?

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