sick hen, floppy comb, doesn't want to move, possibly egg-binding?HELP


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Mar 9, 2010
This hen, is very sluggish, her comb is flopped over. She has pooped one in the last day that I have had her locked in a crate by herself, and it was very green, she eats a little, drinks a little, but definatly very sick. I don't know what to do for her, I have about 25 other chickens none show signs of any illness besides one that I recently had prolapse. Do you think this one would be an eggbound issue too? She doesn't seem to be straining, but I don't know what it could be. She has been this way for about 2 days. I have given her some feed extra rich with calcium to help if it is eggbound and also gave her a warm bath...what else can I do? What else could it be? I appreciate your time!
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I can't help much except to say keep her separated.

I'm not sure about the motrin. It's possible that it could make things worse. I don't know how chickens react to people pain killers.

Your post isn't clear to me with the two problems. Maybe clarifying your post and using paragraphs will help others to understand.
Thanks I edited it leaving it to just the one issue, I thought the motrin was odd too but read numerous forums for the last few days, and found numerous people that said it may help so figured I would try it. I have given her a warm bath...just don't know what else to do, her vent is very clean so not sure if that is even it, but no other chickens show signs of sickness....I'm stuck, but really want to help her.
Green poop can be a sign of simply not eating

But green poop is a sign of fowl cholera - a sign that my rooster that died DID have (besides sudden lethargy).

My threads on the subject:

Lots of info if you google. Cholera is curable with antibiotics, but it's also deadly in less than 24 hours after symptoms, so you'd better hurry!

FWIW none of my other chickens got sick and I didn't treat them with any abx.
Thanks for the info, I will research it a little more, I hope thats not what it is sounds like it can get out of control fast (sometimes). But glad to know some other things it could be cuz I just don't know what to think about it. She is just so sluggish, very unhappy hen. Think it would hurt to start her on the antibiotics without knowing if thats what it is forsure? I know extra meds is never a good idea, but...

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