Sick hen....Update, not looking good

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    I have a 22 week old jersey giant hen that’s really got me puzzled. She is walking around like she has a weight on her tail. She walks on her haunches almost like she wants to be mated. However she doesn’t seem to be able to get up and resume normal locomotion. She just waddles around like that. I’ve picked her up and felt all along her to see if maybe she had an injury or she had an egg stuck inside. To the best of my knowledge I could find nothing. She seemed find this morning. She looks fine in that her eyes are bright and she seems alert. Any ideas?
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  2. waterfowlrescue

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    Aug 24, 2007
    She could have an egg that just had trouble passing that pushed on a nerve.

    I know in our ducks when they walk with the tail down its a hip injury. She could have just pulled a muscle.
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    This morning I let the hens out and the sick one just kind of ambled out instead of running like everybody else. I looked out half an hour later and she was laying on the pen floor being picked at by half a dozen others. I brought her in and put her in a tub with some water and food. While fixing the top I noticed that she is having bad diarrhea. It's basically clear liquid with bits of black and dark green in it. I fed them sunflower seeds yesterday morning and some grass last night. But it seems to just be passing through. Ideas?

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