sick hen... what should we do?

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    Apr 30, 2009
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    As if we needed more ad luck, one of our hens is now sick!
    She is a silver penciled wyandotte about 8 months old. She is eating fine and seems to feel okay but there are worrisome symptoms.
    *really runny poo
    *sneezing? (it may have been the other one... it was several days ago and after examining her and looking for possible illnesses online we determined she must have just inhaled dust and let her go again)
    *crop sort of 'hanging' so it swings back and forth when she walks
    Should we isolate her? Is this possibly an impacted crop... I don't know.
    We are not in a good place to be spending money, I don't think we can afford a vet bill. If there is some over the counter or home remedy we will do what we can... I just don't know!
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    May 2, 2009
    Feel her crop at night and in the morning before she has a chance to eat, that will tell you whether or not she has impacted crop. We have a hen who has a large, pendulous crop. We watch her for impaction, but the crop's size isn't a cause for worry. Frankly, she's just fat.
    As for sneezing, chickens will sneeze to clear their nostrils. Unless she does this very frequently, I don't believe it's a symptom for anything.
    Runny poo could mean that she has worms. We use Wazine 17 for our chickens every thirty days and then once or twice a year, and we don't eat the eggs for two weeks afterward. If one has worms, then they all probably have worms, even if they don't show signs of it.

    Here is the poop page. It's been very helpful to me.

    she gets better!
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